Monday, February 24, 2014

Jalie Sewing Patterns Contest!

I entered a contest over at Jalie Sewing Patterns on Facebook!
My children love the beach! During our last camping trip we spent hours and hours on the beach, swimming, building sand castles and finding 'treasure.' When I snapped this picture, all four kids were eagerly building a sand castle--it is a rare thing to get them all on the same picture without setting it up! As the only girl, my daughter needs a swimsuit that will withstand the wear and tear and will stay on without sagging or being immodest. This is the second swimsuit I've sewn for her from Jalie patterns. She loves it and so do I.
I sewed up my daughter's swim suit from a Jalie Pattern--#3023.
If you like my picture or the story that is included, please hop over to the picture in their album and 'like' it!
The most 'likes' wins!
Thanks so much!

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