Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Been busy again!

So...I have scratched some projects off my list!

I wanted to add some pockets to make them a little less plain and the pockets needed something, so some fancy stitches on the top were just the thing--I love having those on my sewing machine!  

And, to differentiate the back from the front, I added a 'tag' in the back.

Here they are in action, well not real action as the 'wearer' isn't very active. I added about an inch or so to the pattern in the hopes that he can wear them longer so they look a little big on him here.
The fabric is some sort of soft (think super soft) yet looks kind of like a dressy denim that I found in the ends bin at Fabricland.

Another project off my list is a set of boy's clothes:

The shirt is from the book, Sewing For Boys. The Short Sleeve Raglan Tee. I love how it turned out! The fabric is a very light jersey knit--perfect for summer when it should fit that little boy! And, the applique is a very light linen fabric. 
The pants are from the Scientific Seamstress --the Easy Fit Pants. After totally skimming over the instructions--there's well over a 100 pages in the pattern! I forgot a step and ended up having to cut the legs in half and adding another strip of fabric to make the waistband wide enough for a 1 year old--15" just doesn't quite cut it. (ha, if you have the pattern try figure out what I messed up on--a totally blonde mistake ;) )  But, I love how they turned out--the contrasting strip I used add a lot more than some pockets would have! Plus it's the same fabric that I used for the applique on the shirt. The pants are linen--the first time I actually worked with linen and I found out linen needs ironing! Sorry to the mom of the boy that these are for!    

And, finally, the last project I was able to scratch off my list is a little dress for a sweet girl. I used Leila and Ben's Pleated Dress pattern. I was actually a tester for this pattern and I loved it! I did make one modification: I wanted the lining to peak out from the bottom of the outer fabric, so I cut the lining as if it were the outside fabric, and cut the outer fabric on the next size down line so it'd have a nice chunk peaking out. Next, I had to cut the lining pieces in half along the chest/back and resew them together the opposite way so that the right side of the fabric would peak out of the bottom. I've made three of these this way now, and I love it! This fabric is from forget the name, but it's a quilting cotton. Another perfect summertime outfit!

It feels so good to be back at my sewing desk!  

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  1. Ahh! I finally have a moment to come by!! I LOVE the outfits!! They are so cute and actually I think the contrasting strip totally adds to the cuteness of his pants! You are amazing! I can't wait til they can wear them, thank you so much:)


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