Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Back at it!

Whew! After a week away in Cuba and an all-nighter travelling, I am finally energetic enough to be sewing again!!! One of my sisters had a baby about 6 weeks ago (I know--I'm super late to be finally sewing a baby gift!) and it was high time to sew a gift for my newest nephew.

It's from the book, 'Sewing for Boys'--the Raw-edged Raglan Tee. I love this pattern--it's one of my favourites from this book. It's nice and quick plus great for trying out new applique ideas!

The fabrics are a Stretch Ottoman Knit Turquoise and a Rayon blend Baby Rib Knit in Heather Grey. Both were bought from The turquoise knit I had bought quite a while ago in the hopes of using it for cuffs and a neckband for a pair of pjs for my daughter. I've never made those yet....
The Heather Grey Rib Knit, I used previously for a t-shirt for myself. I don't think I posted about that yet. I might just have to do that yet.

Here is a close-up of the applique--a cute little dog that I found here. And, no, I did not applique it the wrong way--the fabric is opposite of a rib knit in that the stretch goes the opposite way! I had to get used to that while sewing it, but it added a neat 'dimension' to the shirt.  

And, for those who are like me and like to inspect the seams, etc. Here is a close-up of the neck-band (note the way the fabric is 'ribbed') and the exposed seams.
Now, just to mail it out to my sister for her newest little (or not-so-little--he's bigger than my 3 month old) man!

Oh, and when we came home from Cuba, we found this:

Cute, eh?!


  1. looks great! that goat is too cute!

  2. Very cute! I love gray and turquoise!

    -Laura Bosch (I linked up to you from my new sewing blog,


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