Saturday, June 16, 2012

Twin Rag Blanket(s)

I spent the past couple of days, first cutting these:

And turning them into this:

It's the fifth large rag blanket that I've done. One (the first one) was a gift for my Mother-in-law as a thank-you/birthday gift. And, I'd have to go through my hard-copy pictures to find that one back as I didn't have a fancy digital camera back then!
So, here are the four I've made for my kids:

The two oldest boys:

My daughter and then my baby boy:

A close-up of each so you can see the lovely fabric I've used in them all:

(Two Michael Miller Prints and the brown is an AE Nathan)

 (Two Flitter Flannel Prints and the brown is a Flannel Quilt Backing in Chocolate)

(A Cozy Woven Plaid Earth/Red, Moda Bliss Flannel and the same brown as above)

(A Comfy Flannel Bear Paw Prints, Molly & Molly Cuddle Flannel Plaid Pear and again the same brown as above)

All the fabric is from They weren't selling the Flannel Quilt Backing anymore this time, so I had to go with the AE Nathan. It was more expensive unfortunately, but I wanted them to be somewhat matching. And, the Michael Miller fabric was Oh-So-Soft!!! It was so nice to sew with it and it got so nice and raggy in the first wash already!
I used 2 yards of 108" wide brown fabric, 2 yards of each of the other prints which were 44"/45" wide. After cutting them into 7" squares, I sewed them together in rows with 1/2" seam allowance. I needed 72 double layered brown squares and 30 double layered of the others to make it 11x12 squares. After stitching around the outside of the blanket as well, I started to snip the seam allowances up to the seams. Wash, dry, and presto! So quick and easy--just make sure you have a pair of scissors with a spring--it saves your hand!
I know--my baby can't use his yet. It's hanging on his crib. But, it was a good excuse to order some more fabric (I ordered a bunch of knit fabrics as well!!!).

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  1. Nice quilts! I love how you have them all matching. My favorite fabric is the bike one :)


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