Wednesday, July 4, 2012


I really like the Jalie 2805 pattern. I can make nice, modest t-shirts in a rather short time.
I recently made two of them as I have a very hard time finding t-shirts that are high enough in the front to not 'flash' people when I bend down or when one of my kids pulls on my shirt.

The grey one has the short sleeve option while the turquoise one has the cap sleeve option. I'm not sure what I like better yet.

Blue fabric: Turquoise knit. Sorry it's not more specific, but that is the info I got for that fabric when I bought it!

Grey fabric: Rayon Blend Baby Rib Knit in Heather Grey. Both are from

I top-stitched the grey one around the neck opening because it wasn't laying quite right but the turquoise one didn't need the top-stitching. I think it's just the way the different fabrics drape. The pattern doesn't call for top-stitching the neck opening.

And, it's a dream sewing knits on my Janome 4120 QDC sewing machine. It has this lovely overedge type of stitch and the presser foot pressure can be decreased quite a bit so it works great.

My kids (and later my husband) looked at me like I had gone crazy when I took these t-shirts out to photograph them when there was a rain 'storm' coming. The fact that I would go out when it was just starting to drip was beyond my children's comprehension and when they mentioned it to my husband he shook his head and laughed. What can I say, I wanted to get the pictures done that day, and it's a good thing I did--the last day and a half have been super windy and rainy and cold. Definitely not picture-taking weather!

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  1. Those look really nice. I've had this one sitting in my pile of patterns to try for awhile now, maybe I should pull it back out.


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