Sunday, August 25, 2013

Savanni Tunic

My youngest sister had a baby girl.
Of course, I *had* to sew for her.
I had sewn this pattern (Savanni Voile Tunic from Ottobre (and I can't remember the issue because I had borrowed it from a friend)) before for my daughter, when she was just sitting up.
At that time, I could NOT figure out how to sew up the sleeves. So, I had just pressed them in and topstitched the lining to the outer fabric.
After the fact I had found this site which explained it very well, so I got it done properly this time.
The fabric is from Walmart--just regular cotton, not voile.
The buttons are from when I did more scrapbooking/card-making as a teenager.
They matched perfectly.
And, I did a size 62--hopefully it still fits my niece--I still haven't been able to make it out to see her and give this...camping and sick kids have been keeping me from that. But, hopefully this week!
I hope my sister likes it.
And, again, I hope it fits....
This was one of my goals for August. The other one did not happen.
And, now I have a list of goals a mile long that *need* to happen. I'll post about those (and my lovely new fabric) later!

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  1. To me it's lovely, these kind of gifts mean so much...
    Three is real love in it!
    Your smisterà will love it for sure ^_^


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