Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Comic Book Quilt

I have one last(ish) post for this years Pregnancy Care Centre Sew Along.
(I have to admit that I have another quilt top ready to go....but we shall see if I finish it this time along!)
In the box of fabric that the Fat Quarter Shop sent us, there was a number of pieces of Batman fabric.
I am generally not a fan of the 'superheroes' but I thought it'd be a good challenge to put together a quilt and it is always a fun challenge to use what is available either in my stash or what has been donated!
So, before I went to the quilt retreat, I had cut out the main pieces along with most of the sashing.
At the quilt retreat, I pieced the whole top (and pieced the next top.)

This is the result.
I am all comic-booked out! ha!
For the back, I used the last pieces that were the width-of-fabric, pieced with some more black I had in my stash.
The binding was also donated by the Fat Quarter Shop.
And, the batting is again a piece of flannelette that was donated.
Oh, and a funny story--I cannot keep the super heroes straight. At. all.
My son told me that this is Batman, (not Superman) since it has the bats.
I forgot what he called it and ended up referring to it as Spiderman (he at least exists, right?!)
And, I needed to be corrected again by a friend.
After which my sons (both this time) were so excited that I was cutting up Batman....
Sigh...where do they learn these things?
And, why do I not know these things?!
Maybe because I prefer comics like Donald Duck or Calvin and Hobbes...

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