Saturday, July 26, 2014

KCW Days 4 & 5--Tree Climber Trousers

And, for my final days of KCW, I sewed up a pair of Tree Climber Trousers as shorts.
My son wasn't too thrilled to pose today--must be the rainy days we've been having!

I love the topstitching on these--they add such fun detailing.
Basically, what I did was cut the back as long as I needed, and then cut the knee panel a bit longer than I knew I'd need so I could trim them to match the back exactly.

No, he's not cold--just stoic.

These should come in handy the next week--it's supposed to be in the high 20s, possibly low 30s! Love the warmth!
The pattern is available in the Go-To Patterns shop. (affiliate link)


  1. Love them! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. I love the edgestitching too and the added color with the button, what material did you use for the shorts.


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