Monday, August 3, 2015

An Adjusted Maggie Mae

Earlier this summer, I sewed up a dress for my littlest girl.
The Maggie Mae in size 9 months.
I love this pattern.
In the bigger sizes.
With this one, I had some issues--there was absolutely no way my little lady's hands, let alone her arms were going to fit through the arm holes.
But, I managed to salvage this dress by seam ripping the side seams open about 1.5" and folding the seam allowances to the inside, and then top stitching them down.
To keep the seam from tearing open further I stitched across the bottom of this new arm hole.
And, I'm glad I did because I love how this dress looks!
I also sewed up the free Dandelions 'n Dungarees leggings pattern, but cut them as little shorts.
The perfect Sunday outfit.
And, it matches her big sister's outfit.

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