Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Double Trouble--Brand Ambassador!

*Edited to update links!*

I'm excited to be one of the Go To Patterns Brand Ambassadors!
Every month I'll be sewing up at least one pattern from the Go To Patterns shop.
I get the patterns free and I also will have affiliate links sprinkled through-out the post--it's a great way to send me a percentage of your purchase in their shop without paying any extra!
All opinions of the patterns are my own.

The first pattern I chose is the Double Trouble Reversible Hoodie by Peek a Boo Patterns.
It is listed in the Go To Patterns Peek a Boo Patterns shop.
I'm often a very practical sewist--I have a limited amount of time, and I need to get certain things sewn up since I sew up most of our clothes.
Now that Fall is approaching, the kids needed new Sunday clothes, so I thought this would be a good option for that.

I merged sizes so that my almost eight-year old could have a shirt that was long enough and slim enough as he is quite slim.
I'm very happy with the results--the measurements in the pattern are spot on.
A cool thing about this hoodie is that it is reversible.
My son however was not in any mood to reverse it for me on this chilly morning, so I only have one view of it to show you.
Trust me that it is fully reversible, and the reverse side of the one I sewed up here is a light grey.

Both fabrics are from Girl Charlee.
The look is cool enough for an eight-year old and I can see myself making more of these for my other kids as well since the pattern has a wide size range (3m-12years).

Pattern available here.


  1. very nice! doesn't B have a sweater that matches? :)

  2. Jess, I think you're thinking of S's sweater:


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