Thursday, November 5, 2015

Lullaby Line Sleep Sacks--Some Baby Gifts!

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A lot of friends have had babies. And, a lot of girls.
I am waaay behind in sewing up baby gifts, so when I had to choose another pattern for the Go-To Brand Ambassador program, I thought I'd hit two birds with one stone.
I'd sew up some fun baby gifts while sewing up a pattern available in the Go-To Patterns shop!

I chose Peek a Boo Pattern's Lullaby Line Sleep Sack available at Peek a Boo Patterns Go To Patterns!

I sewed it up in size 12-24 months, using flannel for the main part and a cotton/lycra for the neck band and arm bands.
I only had two separating zippers that were long enough, otherwise I would have made a couple more!

I let my 16 month old try them out and she had fun pretending she was napping.

The fit is pretty good--the only thing with the fit is that I'm used to sleep sacks that are a bit longer, only because my kids are usually wearing ones that they can 'grow into.'
This pattern has to have the fit spot on so that the footed sleep sacks can be used properly without tripping up the child.

It's a pretty quick sew. The zipper is the most time consuming part!
I think I'd seam finish the front center edges before I inserted the zipper, the next time.
It would provide a cleaner finish, I think.

Again, you can get the pattern in this shop, or here.

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