Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Horses, Shirts, and Skirts

(This post contains affiliate links! Thanks for using them and supporting my sewing habit in this way!) 

Quite a while back now, I won a gift certificate to JoyFits.
The horse print was one of the fabrics I my kids chose. 
I bought a half meter of it, and was able to squeeze a whole shirt and the front panel of a second out of it. 

First up is a Greenstyle Creation's Easy Options T-shirt.
My daughter requested the cap sleeve option.
It's a very easy, quick pattern to sew. 
And it has a ton of options. 

I also made the skirt she is wearing.
It's a basic tiered skirt using her measurements and using fabric that my friend was destashing that screamed 'tiered skirt!' at me when I was looking through her destash. 

The next shirt is New Horizon's Suburban Basic Tee. 
It's also a quick sew, and I've used it quite often for my boys as well. 
The contrasting fabric is a regular cotton/lycra in charcoal. 

Now, the skirt. 
Well, I wanted to make something she could wear with the shirt.
And, I thought I could whip one up when I was tired, late at night. 
So, I picked a fabric (of which there was not enough for a skirt) and made a skirt out of it. 
It is more like a pencil skirt than an easy-to-run, play skirt as envisioned.
But, she loves it anyway, and keeps wanting to wear the whole outfit. 

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