Saturday, October 29, 2016

Uptown Downtown in Brushed Poly

I had the opportunity to try out some fabric from Water Tower Textiles, a new Canadian fabric shop. 
Now, so you know, I did receive the fabric for free in exchange for a review, be it good or bad. 
This is my own honest opinion of the fabric. 

I chose to review the Fuchsia Brushed Poly. 
I had never sewn with brushed poly before and was absolutely thrilled with how soft the brushed side is! 
The fabric is perfect for fall or winter clothes as it's so cozy. 
My daughter was not cold at all when we went out in the chilly morning to take these pictures--she kept telling me how warm this dress was. 
The brushed poly washed up quite well with minimal shrinkage--between 1/2" to an 1" of shrinkage on a piece approximately 62" long. 

A downside to sewing with brushed poly is that you don't want to make mistakes while sewing.
It's so pillowy that the stitches are quite difficult to take out--especially when you use a triple stretch stitch. My poor fingers took the brunt of my seam ripper. 
(I think that is a downside to any thicker, soft fabric, so definitely not limited to the brushed poly!) 
I also do not know how it will hold up as it gets washed over and over again. 

Overall I'm happy with the fabric and would buy brushed poly again--especially for warm clothing.

The pattern is the Girl's Uptown Downtown Dress by Sew Straight and Gather in a maxi length with the cowl add-on and the long sleeves.
I sewed up the size 5 with added length. 
The sleeves are a little more snug than I hoped they'd be, and I may size up to a size 6 overall next time, though that's just personal preference, as the dress is meant to be snug and fitted. 
I also did not hem the sleeves as that would make them even more constraining, especially when putting the dress on. 

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