Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Star Wars!

My boys all love Star Wars. 
They make light sabers out of any stick they find, they dress up as Darth Vader or Storm Troopers, and they conquer each other with the 'force pinch.' 

When they saw that there was such a thing as Star Wars fabric there were many requests for some.
It is hard to find in Canada so when I found some on, I asked friends of ours to pick it up for me in the US to save on shipping. 
The boys each picked their own fabric and chose whether to have a t-shirt type shirt or a button-up. 
My youngest wasn't too picky--he was happy with a woven-front raglan.

My oldest wanted patches on his arms to showcase the fabric even more. 
And, my second wanted a button-up. 

The patterns I used were the Rascal Raglan from Ottobre 4/2013 modified to not have sleeve cuffs (I know, I could have made the oldest's a little longer in the sleeves, but I can always add the cuffs yet), and the Offbeat Oxford from New Horizons. 

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