Friday, October 12, 2012

KCWC Days 1 thru 4

And, here is my first KCWC update...
Heh I know, I know...I wasn't going to post until the end. But, I'm excited to share my busyness the last 4 days. Only 2 more days for me to go and I need to think of some other project!
First, I sewed up my daughter a top to match her London Pants. 
So, I now present...
The peasant top:
I know, it's kinda summery--made out of a linen from and again that same quilting cotton I received from a friend. And yep, the stars make a comeback as well. It's a very simple peasant top but I cut it a bit shorter and added a ruffle to it.

She's pretty thrilled.
Speaking of thrilled, my oldest son had once requested that I save a John Deere section of my husband's old t-shirt. And, I did. And, it sat in a box for a bunch of years. He asked every now and then, 'Mom, when are you going to make my John Deere shirt?'
I thought this would be a great time for that.
It's made out of an interlock knit from as well. I have had it in my stash for years. A good John Deere green. Well, actually a kelly green but it works. So this is the Raw-edged Raglan Tee again from the book Sewing for Boys. I know--I finally sewed up one for my own boys. I did do some things a bit different than the pattern called for. I only did the top the raw-edged way and the side seams I did normal--not inside out. I also hemmed the bottom and sleeves. This is a size 4/5. Next time, I think I'll sew up a 6/7 for this little man!

He wore it yesterday and made super sure that it stayed clean so he could wear it again today--he wiped his hands on his pants instead of his shirt. And, he also wore his John Deere hat out today so I had a John Deere boy in my company today:
I just couldn't resist adding this picture--he was having a grand time 'posing!'
But, I didn't leave my second son out. He requested that I reuse the balls on his old shirt from Children's Place.
This one the sleeves and neck band are made from that same kelly green interlock knit. The grey is a baby rib knit in heather grey. That one is also from I used the same pattern again--the Raw-edged Raglan but in size 2/3. I made the same changes as I did to the John Deere one. So that is two Raw-eged Raglans for my own boys!

He's pretty happy about having his own mommy-made shirt as well.
Now I have to start thinking for today and tomorrow!


  1. that's a pretty peasant blouse and those shirts look great! Would love to try sewing clothes one day. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great job! I had such fun taking part in KCWC last time round and wish I could've done it again this time. Your John Deer top is great- just what most wee boys would love.

  3. They look awesome, and your kids all seem very pleased with them! He wiped his hands on his pants and not his shirt - ha ha!


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