Saturday, December 29, 2012

Pete for Brad

I had purchased some fabric from Girl Charlee Fabrics a couple of weeks ago and I had chosen two striped fabrics so I could make shirts for my husband or my sons. I had chosen a 'Green tonal stripe cotton jersey knit' and a 'Cloudy blue charcoal stripe cotton jersey knit' and as I suspected my husband's first choice was the green.
So, I pulled out my Pete pattern from Burdastyle and thought that I could finish a shirt in an evening.
Nope. It took much longer than anticipated.
The pattern is quite simple and I've made it before (the solid green shirt (fabric from our local Marshalls Fabrics)). But, the thin jersey fabric kept catching on my sand-paper hands and, my machine was not co-operating this time. I think because it was such a thin fabric.
So, after giving up my attempts at twin needling--especially after I had figured out how and then to my dismay when the fabric was stretched, it for some reason was not secured at the ends and came completely loose even though I had done the whole backstitch or knot stitch. (If you have any advice as to how to secure the beginning and ending of a seam, let me know!)
I do enjoy adding the finishing touches like a little love note on the tags. Don't mind the messy seam on the newest shirt--like I said, my machine and I were not getting along during the making of this shirt.

So, now my husband has two shirts made by his wifey and he actually likes them too. He has worn the dark green one many times and the striped one he wore for a while last night, letting me know that it is very comfy.
YES! All my mutterings to myself and my machine was not for nothing.

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