Thursday, May 30, 2013

Dress For Myself

A while ago, my husband had taken me fabric shopping at Fabricland so I could sew up some armor for the kids.
Of course, I did come home with more fabric than I had anticipated--I always do. Especially when it is in the clearance section...
I had bought 2.5 meters of this knit fabric in anticipation of sewing myself a dress. I finally got around to it two weeks ago.
I used an Ottobre pattern for the bodice. It's from Ottobre 2/2009--the Square Tunic. Very simple pattern to sew up--at least the bodice is.
On the original pattern, there is a flaring, drapey piece on both sides of the skirt part. I had not intended on using it and when I started reading the instructions out of curiousity, I was glad I didn't. Maybe if I had cut out those pieces, it would have made sense, but from the actual reading of the instructions, it just seemed too simple to make that look.
Anyway, I digress. Back to the plan for this dress.

As I said, I used the square necklined bodice and then just attached my own skirt--a simple tube to the bottom.
It felt a bit like a nightgown--it had not much shape to it. Maybe if I had added that clear elastic tape to the bodice bottom....
But, I ended up making two pleats in the back to gather it. After trying to gather it with elastic and seam ripping that, this seemed the quickest and easiest way to add a bit of 'shape.'
Of course, I added a tag of ribbon.
I think I've grown attached to the idea of adding tags--it adds a bit of a touch. Especially when it is pretty, silky ribbon. (I know, you can't see it when I wear it but I know it's there.)
So, that is my first dress for myself. It's super comfy and I think I want to make a tunic top out of the same fabric--wouldn't it be great over jeans?
If I have enough fabric left....

So...back to sewing some little dresses--some Sweet Little Dresses to be exact!

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