Saturday, May 18, 2013

Some Pregnancy Care Centre Sewing

Here's my business the last two weeks.
I've been getting some sewing in and have a little something to show for it.
First off, an Itty Bitty Baby dress from Made-by-Rae.
The fabric was a gift from a friend over a year ago. I've used it in an outfit for my daughter--both on a pair of pants and a shirt. And, I still have a tiny bit left!
I have no idea where it comes from or what it is called but it is super cute!
I've added a size tag, sewn onto the back lining so the new moms will know when to pull it out.

Instead of piping, I used rick-rack. First time using it other than the hats I made for my boys during KCW.
I really like this pattern--it's quick and easy and it is cute. 

Next, I made (yes, you're right, you're seeing double) two sets of matching boys clothes.
The T-shirts are from Small Dream Factory. It is their free Envelope Neck Long Sleeve pattern which comes in sizes NB-2T.
The fabric is a combed cotton interlock in kelly green and in brown or chocolate (I cannot remember). I bought them when I first started sewing almost 3 years ago from
And, I have used it for a number of projects before, including two shirts last year for my older boys, and another shirt that was made before my blogging days.  

The pants pattern is again from Made-by-Rae--the Basic Newborn Pant.
Again, I put in tags with the size. I forgot for the shirts, but hopefully they'll stay together as a set, or I'll have to sew a little tag on them yet somehow.  

Fabric is some twill that I got from a 2nd-hand store a couple years ago. I managed to squeeze these two out of the left-over fabric. I had used the rest before for some other pants, but I don't think I have blogged about those--it was before my blogging days as well.

So, I've added these to the Flickr group.
 I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone else will be sewing up!
I have a little stack of patterns on my desk that I'll be working on next--one of them being the Sweet Dress from Leila and Ben.
Have you checked out their site and Etsy shop?
And, have you read my last post to learn how to get one of their patterns for free? 
FABulous Home Sewn


  1. I'm so impressed with your clothing! Lucky moms to be given those!

  2. What sweet little baby clothes! It is lovely to use your sewing talents for a worthy cause - good for you!!

  3. Your baby clothes are so cute, and for such a good cause! I've never made clothing before only quits and blankets, great job! :-)


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