Friday, September 6, 2013

Some 'Knippie' Sewing

Last Spring--as in 2012, my brother and his wife went to the Netherlands to visit family.
I asked them to bring me a copy of the magazine, 'Knippie.'
When my parents went soon after them, I asked them to bring me another copy of 'Knippie,' if it was the next issue. It was.
Now, I have 2 'Knippie' magazines and I finally sewed something up out of them.
I know--sewing Spring/Summer clothes when it is basically Fall...
So, the 'Knippie' I sewed from is issue 3 June/July 2012.
I used pattern number 22 which has dropped shoulders with additional sleeve pieces to lengthen it.
(There is a girl's shirt that uses the same pattern pieces but leaves off the additional sleeve pieces.)
After measuring the boys, I decided to go with the width of 104 and length of 116 for my oldest and 110 all around for my second.
I think next time, I'd add some more length and possibly a bit more width to them.
It's funny because I was actually worried, comparing their measurements to the charts, that these would be on the wider side. They're not--they just fit.

The fabric was chosen by the boys themselves when we were camping.
We came across a quilting shop in Stettler, and I persuaded all to go in.
It was a great little shop--a toy play area for the kids, so my husband took the kids there while I looked around.
(I secretly hoped that they'd have some Rock 'n Romance in from Pat Bravo, specifically the 'Femme Metale.' I'd love to sew myself up something in that!)
They had some fun fabric that the boys decided they wanted for a shirt.
Every time I'd take the kids fabric shopping, the boys would go through and find fabric they thought would be great for a shirt for themselves. I finally gave in.  

The selvedges don't really say what the design is, but the quad fabric has this: Patt # 6191
The Thomas fabric has no info.
All the buttons are from Fabricland back when they had a sale on buttons.

They decided to go and play cowboys and Indians on the new hay bales.
One hawk feather taped to the side of head--check.
One bow and arrow--check.
One cowboy(ish) hat--check.
One cardboard holster (whipped together this morning)--check.
One cardboard pistol (also whipped together this morning)--check.
Now, on to the other list of projects I have!


  1. Very fun!! And I love Rock N Romance - hadn't seen that line yet! If you get some, show us what you make! :)

  2. The fabric they chose is super cute. Great taste! :) I've never heard of Knippie magazine. Is it all in Dutch?


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