Saturday, October 19, 2013

Manly Cloth Napkin

I was recently asked to make a man bib.
I was picturing a man wearing a much enlarged baby bib and it just did not make for a pretty picture.

Img from Sweetie Pie Bakery
 I made the actual napkin a little bigger since it was to be for a man, and I zig-zagged the tie onto the napkin to make a cleaner finish.
Now, I just wish my photography skills would improve...sigh...

The black (yes it is black, not grey) fabric is broadcloth left over from my sons' capes.
The red flannelette was also from my stash...I was surprised how many reds I actually have--not tons since I don't often use red, but enough to have some selection.  

But, this should work, and my customer seemed happy with it when she picked it up.

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