Wednesday, October 9, 2013

PJs x 8 and Some Squishy Mail

Finally, I am done these.
My kids have been sleeping in stained (almost) rags.
So, two pairs of PJs for each of my four kids.
The actual sewing of them was quick--it's always the pressing and hemming that takes forever for me.
The flannel I got for free from a friend. Yards of each. It doesn't look like I've made a dent in it yet.
I could have sewed up some shirts for them too, but I wanted a quick PJ fix.
So, the shirts are from Walmart. I had to dig for these. Like, really dig.
The green set has onesies in 24 months.
The kids had picked out which fabric they wanted for their PJs as soon as I got it.
It's been laying by my desk for months. Seriously.

I used the Sewing for Boys pattern again (the sweats length) but I adjusted them quite a bit.
The oldest's are size 2/3 width but size 6/7 length. The next, I believe were also size 2/3 width but size 4/5 length. My daughter's I folded in the pattern to take it in, and the length is also 4/5. The youngest's I majorly took it in and guestimated where I should put the length. The two younger ones have a good sized hem. The older two have much smaller hems. Next time, I'll have to lengthen my oldest's.

But, the kids love them. And, they'll be nice and warm this winter. And, decently dressed for the nights out!
Yesterday, I got some lovely mail.
Mara from Secretly Stitching was so kind as to send me one of her many pouches she has made in the last while. I have been admiring her pouches, and she totally surprised me when she emailed me to send one to me!

That's some Greek chocolate she sent along! good. I ate half of it before I got home from town, and the other half I ate today while I was sewing.
But, that was not all she sent!
Mara sent over a bunch of pairs of socks for the Pregnancy Care Centre!

They are so cute, and so is the packaging--I love that little girl!
Thanks so much, Mara!


  1. Love the pjs! And what a sweet gift to get in the mail :)

  2. I love how each child has their own color. I miss my kids being little. Thanks for entering my giveaway. :) See you around, I hope. Take care.

  3. So glad you enjoyed everything. Totally cute PJ's.


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