Friday, February 21, 2014

Sale at Craftsy! And, Some Quilt Blocks

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Also, this weekend there is a quilting retreat that I'm going to (so exciting!!!)!
The organizers are friends of mine and they've encouraged those attending to sew along for the Pregnancy Care Centre.
One way we all are contributing is by bringing along a quilt block (or more) that will be used to make a quilt to donate.
So, I whipped together three quilt blocks:

The specifications were that it had to be in primary colors (green was included) and that it had to be Rail Fence quilt blocks.
The strips are 8.5" x 2.5".
And, the fabric is from all over.
I know the green is from Fabricland which has been in my stash for forever after I bought it from an ends bin once.
The red was given to me by a friend from Church, and the yellow I bought at the thrift store for this purpose.

 I don't often use these colors so this was a rather interesting sew for me.
I'm very curious what the finished quilt will look like!

There isn't much time left in the sew along--I have two more quilts planned--both of which I plan on working on at the quilt retreat.
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