Thursday, February 20, 2014

They Definitely are Go-To Patterns

A lot of my daughter's dresses are very stained and getting too short.
And, she does not like to wear jeans or pants.
Every morning, she wears a dress and if I make her wear pants or jeans, there are tears--unless she has a new top to wear that she is excited about...ha.
I had found a number of ladies shirts at Walmart for $3 each.
And, I came home with 6 or so of them.
These two were bought with the Anywhere Dress (affiliate link) in mind.
(I forgot to take pictures of the before...)
The purple Go-To Leggings (affiliate link) are a heather purple rib knit from (affiliate link) a long time ago.

For both, I re-used the neck line and re-hemmed the bottom.

I loved the button placket and was determined to incorporate them into the dress.

The white leggings (I made two pairs--one full length, the other between capri and short length for the summer) are made from a thrift store find--$0.50!

They all got a pretty pink tag to differentiate between front and back.

My daughter loves them.
Flowers and sparkly purple--how much better can it get?!

Both patterns are from Go-To Patterns (affiliate link) and they are definitely go-to patterns!


  1. So adorable, my daughter is the same way, only wants to wear dresses or if they are pants then they HAVE to be pink, no other color is allowed, how can they be so girlie at such young ages, but it's nice having a girl :)

  2. What a great idea to use premade shirts. I am hoping to have my sewing machine at my house sometime this year. ;)


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