Monday, September 29, 2014

Blog Tour--Day 2

Today we have my friend Jess from Gracious Threads!
And, we have Stacey from From a Box!
Not only is Jess a great seamstress, but also a great friend!
She has a number of patterns out--which are all super cute--make sure to check them out as well.
Gracious Threads began as a place for Jess to share all the sewing she did for her friends and family. It soon grew, as other sewists shared her love for simple, practical clothing for kids. She now designs clothing for boys and girls and shares tutorials and inspiration on her blog. Jess lives with her husband and 3 children on their Canadian dairy farm.
Hop on over to Jess' blog to see what she did with the Pirate's Treasure Wallet Pattern!
"Stacey blogs about her sewing creations and family adventures from her house that looks like a box in the Pacific Northwest… hence the blog is titled From a Box.  She stitched up both the purse and the wallet to show off in the blog tour.  Once the purse and the wallet are filled with a gift card, they are ready for giving to little friend's to celebrate birthdays, and to nieces, nephews, and cousins for the holidays."
Stacey whipped up both patterns--the Pirate's Treasure Wallet Pattern and the Perfect Petal Purse Pattern. Hop on over to have a look!
 Thanks so much, ladies, for the awesome job!
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  1. Thanks for the opportunity Fenna... your patterns were fun to stitch up!


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