Friday, January 23, 2015

Princess Party Dress--Betties Swap

My daughter is in love.
With a dress.
But, it's not just any dress.

It's supposed to be a 'dress-up' dress.
With the beautiful see-through sleeves and delicate polka-dot fabric.

It's perfect to be a princess in. 

 A fierce, sword-bearing princess.

 Or a smiley princess.
 Who has to engage in life-threatening battles with fierce brothers dragons every now and then.

 Or a cool princess.
But she's been wearing it every time it's clean.
I really think it's become more of an everyday dress.
A dress my daughter loves and feels rather princess-like in.
You can get the pattern from MandyK Designs here (craftsy) or here (etsy).
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  1. Nicely done Fenna! Dress up clothes are so fun for girls.

  2. Totally adorable, I just love sewing for girls.


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