Thursday, March 26, 2015

New Release--the Sunburst Clutch Pattern

Yay! It's here!
I've been plugging away at this pattern, and my testers have given me a hand.
Now, I can finally introduce you all to the Sunburst Clutch Pattern!
My first 'prototype' is the one on the right. I ended up extending the flap and shortening the wristlet.
The final is on the left, and I am super happy with the results!
Inside, there is a key ring, and a zippered pouch.

It closes with a magnetic snap.
But, one of the suggestions in the pattern is a turn lock.
I think that'd look really pretty!


 It's perfect for a date night, or when you just want to
grab a quick bag instead of a purse full of stuff!
I love the piecing on it.
It is a bit of a trickier pattern--the piecing has to be done accurately, and being even a little off on the seam allowance will affect the total width of the pieced flap.
But, when done accurately, it really looks a bit like Sunburst--thus the name. (Thanks to one of my lovely testers for the suggestion!)

You can buy the pattern in my Craftsy shop, here.
Or, in my Etsy shop, here.
A huge thank-you to the ladies who helped out testing this pattern!

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