Monday, April 6, 2015

Kitchen Gifts

Friends of ours were recently married, so I thought I'd make the wedding gift.
It's a pretty basic set, and it's the first time I used Insul-brite which I bought from Stay Home Fabrics.
The other fabrics are from Canadian National Fabrics.  
They are from the Country Touch line.
For the apron pattern, I traced my apron and 'made' a pattern that way.
The oven mitts are a free pattern from
A gift for myself was that my dishwasher was finally ripped out after never using it in over 7 years.
And, we put some shelving in to hide store the kids' crayons and coloring books, school books, and some other stuff.
A curtain was in order to keep things looking tidy.
Again I used some fabric from the Country Touch line.
It fits in quite good with my kitchen!

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