Friday, February 12, 2016

Burp Cloths

A new venture for me--burp cloths.
A customer requested burp cloths, so I researched a number of different shapes, fabric combinations, and decided to use So Sew Easy's burp cloth pattern, and a quilting cotton and terry combination.
The quilting cotton is cute, and the terry is super absorptive for those messy spills.
Plus, the shape of the burp cloths is designed to cover the shoulder as well.

I'll make a confession--with all five of my kids, I've never used a burp cloth. Ever.
I always just used the receiving blanket.
When I got a mass produced, store bought 'sample' of a burp cloth from my customer, I was not impressed with how it was finished off, and the shape just looked sloppy.
I love a neatly sewn and finished item.
And, I love a neatly sewn and finished item, packaged prettily, so I wrapped a ribbon around the whole stack and sent it off that way.

The quilting cottons I mostly got from a Facebook destash site (some are from my stash) and the terry backing is from some towels I bought specifically for the burp cloths.

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