Saturday, April 23, 2016

Raglans, Raglans, Raglans...

A while back, I won some fabric from JoyFits a fabric shop in the Netherlands. 
Having a very Dutch background, and also having heard of the great quality of Euro knits, I was super excited to get some fabric from the Netherlands. 
Like, really excited. 

But, I had no idea what to choose. They have so many fun choices--how could I chose only 1.5 meters?! 
The kids came to the rescue, and each one of the oldest 4 chose their favorite print. It was super convenient that the older boys chose the same print. 

The plan initially was to make just the front panel in these fabrics, but when Marloes emailed that the fabric with the steer heads had some paint spots on it, and she'd include a whole meter, I had enough to make the boys a whole shirt out of the fabric. 
(And, I looked, but I could not find any paint spots on it, after if they were/are there they are so inconspicuous that I haven't noticed them yet!) 

These fabrics are super soft, and after countless washings, they still look just as good. 
For the two older boys' shirts, I used the Rascal Raglan from Ottobre. 
For the youngest boy I used the raglan from the Sewing for Boys (affiliate link) book.

I have some fabric yet to use for my oldest daughter and depending how I use it, I may be able to whip something up for my youngest daughter as well. 
I'm a little intimidated because my oldest daughter wants a dress and I have 1/2 meter of the fabric. 
We'll see what I come up. 
In the meantime the boys are enjoying these shirts. 
Thanks for the great prize, Marloes! 

You can get the Monkeys here but it looks like the Steers are gone. 

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