Thursday, December 15, 2011

Finally Done!

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Alright! Here are the pictures as promised of the Road Mat that I was working on for my boys. A couple of months ago, I won a free book from Very Purple Person. It's a book on Sewing for boys! And, seeing as I have 2 boys, I was thrilled to win it! While looking through it, I came across a Road Mat type thing, and I thought, ' Wow, the boys'd love to get one of those.' So, I started to plan and scheme.... and plan and scheme some more.... I bought the fabric nice 'n cheap, and decided to go all out. My biggest hurdle was deciding on the layout of the road:

Once that was decided, I had to actually do a LOT of pinning and ironing, since I hadn't used felt as suggested, but used plain old fabric that would fray--so all the edges needed turning under. It was finally ready to sew onto the background fabric:

I felt like I was almost done!!! But, then...houses, buildings...I didn't want it to look completely amateurish, so I hesitated, and hesitated...and finally, decided to just use squares/rectangles and triangles:

Have to still looks amateurish, but it's done!!! Now, the kids can unwrap it tonight, and have fun racing their cars around town!

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