Saturday, December 24, 2011

Recent Projects

The last while I've been keeping busy sewing like usual. One project that I had in mind for quite some time now, is this:
Tunic pattern cover
Img from

The Empire Waist Tunic Pattern from Jalie Patterns. Quite some time ago now, I had bought a lovely knit fabric from Fabricland with the hope of making myself a top. But, it had to be a nice top with little chance of messing up, as I loved the feel of the fabric and didn't want to waste it. I am happy with the results:

It even works as a maternity shirt!

So, that was project # 1.

After getting some inspiration from a friend, I looked up some kid apron patterns online and found this: Basic Child Apron by Sew Liberated. It's one of her free patterns and it's pretty neat! I just made the basic pattern, but there's ideas for making a gardener apron, and also a laundry apron. Here's my version, made with some of the fabric I had left over from a diaper bag:

Note the way it closes--Velcro!! So, you don't have to tie it--the kids can do it themselves. Pretty neat, I'd say.

That's the 3-5 year old pattern, modeled by my 4 year old and it fits pretty good except for the fact that my dear children are all as skinny as their mother was as a kid... There is also a 6-8 year old pattern for older kids.
On a different note, I had to break out my old Shark to finish off this project, as my beautiful Janome is having some thread tension issues and is in need of a fix-up! See how inclined to sew I will be on my noisy, smelly Shark--the kids ask if it's broken because it makes such a racket.
Well that's it for now--have a Merry Christmas, and the Lord's blessing in 2012!

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