Thursday, September 20, 2012

Another Raw Edge Raglan and Some Nests

And, I've made another Raw Edged Raglan from the book, 'Sewing for Boys.' This is such a fun, easy project! It is perfect for baby gifts except for the fact the smallest size is a 2/3. But, by a year you run out of gifted clothes usually anyway, so a shirt here or there that is bigger is often welcome. At least it was so with me!


The fabrics I used are a bluish grey interlock from the second hand store and an orange organic cotton jersey knit from 

I added a neat applique--I found a cute whale picture that I just couldn't resist. Plus, add two buttons for the eye and it looks pretty neat. (I know, I have this thing with doubling up the buttons--if you see my last post you'll know what I mean!)
I really like the raw-edges on the outside. It adds a lot of character to the shirt--the extra top-stitching and texture!
And, another shot of my whale with his double-button eye!
The kids and I had some fun taking apart some bird's nests the other day. The birds have basically all left for warmer regions or they're working on it since fall is in the air. So, the nests are empty and they (we) had a lot of fun checking out how different these two nests were!

This top one came out of the bird house we were given this spring. It had a rotten egg in it (which one of the kids crushed inside the house because he wanted to see what was inside--smelly!) And, when we took it apart further, there was a dead dried out corpse of a bird in it.

This other nest was glued with mud to the side of the goat shed. It is definitely amazing how intricately they are put together and how God has made each bird build it's own type of nest that is just right for them! What an awesome God!

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