Friday, September 28, 2012

Raw-Edged Raglan Round-Up

I'm quite excited about this--have you seen the amazing prizes?!
Craft Book Month at Craft Buds

 Anyway, I have been sewing from the book 'Sewing for Boys' all year--ever since I won the book from Novita at Very Purple Person.
One of my absolute favourite patterns to whip up from this book is the Raw-Edged Raglan Tee.
It is super simple, and so easy to embellish--all of the ones I have made, I've added an applique to them. And, with three of the four, I've used contrasting fabric for the sleeves and neckband.
They make great baby gifts although the smallest size is a 2/3. Amazingly enough, that is all I've used them for yet! I think I should sew up a couple for my boys...
Most of the patterns (there are 24 projects) do run a bit wide in the book but they are quite cute anyway--just have to remember that especially with my skinny kids! Although, having tried these on my kids, these do fit nicely.

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