Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Nursing Covers

I recently decided to add nursing covers to my shop on Facebook.
So, I had to get sewing and finished one. I'm quite excited about this and I'm hoping there'll be some interest!
This one is a 3-panel nursing cover made with Sunny Daze, from left to right, circle pink, stripes orange, and flowers orange. I bought them awhile ago from I made a nursing cover for my SIL from the blue colorway here. 

They will all have an adjustable strap and boning so you can watch your little one nurse. No more blankets getting yanked off--that was always my biggest fear when nursing in public with just a receiving blanket.

And, to keep the back looking professional with the three panels, I did french seams.
So, if you're interested in one, hop over to the shop!
I may or may not do custom orders--I do after all have 4 kids under five!
It'll just depend how my week looks at the time, and how my experiences with custom orders go--I've only done a couple of custom orders and those were all for family!

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