Wednesday, February 13, 2013


This is my little hide-away where I curl up to read a good book, hand stitch, or to spend time in relative peace and quiet to study God's Word or pray.
But, it needs something--a foot rest to make it even more comfortable.
I pulled two stacks of fabric and need your advice.
Which would you suggest I use?
The black or the brown stack?
I'm leaning a little to the brown as I have more browns in the house and you can't see lint on brown quite as quickly as on black.
But, I'm slightly biased towards that combination--it has a lot of pink in it, after all!
I lean to the black stack for the sole reason that because it is something 'new,' as in a new color combo for me, it may just morph into something that I really, really like.

I'm planning on piecing the top and putting a zipper in the solid colored (black/brown) bottom so you can remove the filling and wash the cover...
So, any advice?


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