Monday, January 13, 2014

FMQ--Try #1

Well, it's done.
My first attempt at free motion quilting, and it's done.
It's not perfect--I'd say it's quite far from perfect.
But, I managed to quilt the whole thing and had fun doing it.
And, I didn't need the seam ripper to rip out the quilting.
I actually practised a little on a double layer of scrap flannel.
Just to get a not-to-jerky movement going.
The front is a panel donated by the Fat Quarter Shop--Sunshine Zoo.
The backing is some plain black quilting cotton from Fabricland that was in my stash plus some turquoise-ish fabric from Walmart. It does have a bit of a pattern in it--it's just hard to see on the picture.
And, the binding is also from Walmart.

I'm quite pleased with how the turquoise quilting popped out on the black fabric. That's my favourite part of the quilt to be honest...even if the quilting is not perfect.

I bound the quilt by machine.
I have no patience for hand binding a quilt.
Not yet at least.
I'm a little disappointed with how the binding and those stripes on the edge of the quilt ended up not really going as well... I think that the three narrow strips of color in a row on the edge sort of messes with things and makes it too busy. What do you think?
I don't have the heart to take it out though, so it'll stay as it is.
This quilt is also for the Pregnancy Care Centre!

FABulous Home Sewn


  1. Gorgeous! I think it looks great. A sight better than my first FMQ a year ago! That was partly machine issues, but lots of stitch picking, stress, and 30+ stops & starts. It looks fantastic!

  2. Looks great for your first time!!
    I would've used the strips for binding b/c I'm a sucker for that look :) But it looks wonderful and whoever receives it won't know any different!

  3. Looks wonderful. The quilting is my favorite part so doing a panel would be pure heaven.

  4. The quilt is just beautiful, I would never have guessed that it was your first time FMQing!


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