Thursday, January 30, 2014

V-Neck Cardigan

V-Neck Cardigan Sew Along
My daughter is a little short on tops--actually her tops are a little short on her...
So, I thought this sew along would be the perfect opportunity to whip her up a nice top.
I made size 4T--a little big, but then she can wear it next year too hopefully.
She's somewhat between sizes now anyway.
The fabric is Patty Young interlock that is some of the first fabrics I purchased when I first started sewing!
I still have the original skirt I made for myself and my daughter was quite excited about this fabric--'Flowers?! Pink?! For me?!'
The sew along ends on Saturday, pictures needing to be uploaded by 9AM!
So, if you are quick you can still whip one up and upload it in the Peek-A-Boo pattern group on Facebook!
The pattern is available here: (click on picture)
Image of V-Neck Cardigan

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