Wednesday, January 1, 2014

NICU Smocks

After a number of people I knew had preemie babies born in a short time, I thought I should find a good pattern for babies that need to spend time in the NICU.
When I found this free pattern and tutorial for a NICU smock from Everything Your Mama Made & More, I thought it'd be perfect!
I had received some flannelette from a friend--a whole box of it, and this was the perfect project to use up some of the smaller pieces.
The bias tape is store-bought, and that is what took the longest--attaching the bias tape.
But, there are options to make the smock reversible so you don't need to use bias tape, and there are also instructions for serging it (for those that like using their sergers...).

I had originally made these two in size 3-5lbs, for a friend, but her baby came home a month earlier than expected!
So, these are going to be donated to the Pregnancy Care Centre!

FABulous Home Sewn

*One note about the pattern--there are two pieces B & C that are the exact same. To fix this, just do a mirror image cut and a regular cut on your fabric of B and leave out C. (Kymy has been notified and is planning on fixing it soon! And, anyone that has 'bought' (for free) it off Craftsy will get an update.)*


  1. These are adorable, at our NICU they have clothes already with special washing and ironing methods and most of the babies are naked, is it different in Canada?

  2. These are precious and such a wonderful and giving idea.


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