Friday, October 3, 2014

Blog Tour--Day 6

Today we have two fabulous bloggers!
Tasha from Friends Stitched Together and a blogging friend from Greece--Mara from Secretly Stitching!
They've both stitched up the Pirate's Treasure Wallet Pattern!
"Hi everyone! I'm Tasha, one half of the fabulous duo over at Friends Stitched Together. My best friend and I have been sewing for ourselves and our kids for a combined total of over 30 years! We of course are young spring chickens who just love to sew for our baby and toddler chicks! We slowly are dipping our feet into making our own patterns, but until then we love sewing up a variety of things for the home, the family, and for others! We are half of the genius brain behind the new sensation everyone is talking about CraftingCon (if they haven't been talking about it, they are now!) My bubbly 4 year old son and sassy 1 year old daughter keep me on my toes and make running off to the sewing room difficult, but when I make them something and see how much they love it, it makes all the chaos worth it!" 
Hop on over to Friends Stitched Together to see what Tasha did with the Pirate's Treasure Wallet Pattern!
"My name is Mara, I am an American girl living in Greece with my Greek husband and we have 2 children.  I started sewing 2 years ago and have just now realized that I like to sew the small stuff that stitches up fast, bags, clothes for the kids, love adding embroidery to just about everything."
Mara sewed up both the Perfect Petal Purse Pattern and the Pirate's Treasure Wallet Pattern--hop over to have a look!
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