Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Orange Skinnies and a Marc Shirt

This post is rather exciting for me!
Rather, I was excited when I received the orange denim in my mailbox...
And, I'm super excited with the results!
Canadian National Fabric is a new-to-me shop which I found as I was looking for Canadian shops that sell Art Gallery Fabrics. (Yes, those are some of my favourite!)
But, when I saw their selection, prices, and shipping costs within Canada, I knew they'd be a go-to shop for me! Seriously--$3.50 shipping and over $50 shipped free?!
Anyway, I talked to them, and they sent me some fabric to try out and share with you all what I thought of it. I must admit, I ordered more from them and you'll be seeing their fabric pop up on the blog more frequently, I'm sure.
So, the first thing I sewed up was these jeans.

They're bright, they're fall-ish, and they are soft yet sturdy.
I wish I could wear them.
But, they're for my youngest son.
And, I'll just have to be content to admire them on him.

The pattern I used is Peek-a-Boo's Skinny Jeans (affiliate link).
I sewed up the size 2, made an adjustable waistband for my super tiny 2.5 year old, and did the top stitching in a contrasting blue.
The jeans sewed up very nice and relatively quick.
To make a complete outfit for Sunday, I whipped up the Marc Shirt from Filles a Maman.

The blue fabric in the shirt is also from Canadian National Fabric, which I ordered from them myself.
I used it for the shirt but also for the pocket lining on the jeans.
The knit fabric is from Girl Charlee (referral link).
And, the snaps are Kam Snaps.

As is usual with Mel's patterns, the Marc Shirt sewed up great and the sizing is quite accurate!
My son is quite petite, so even the smaller sizes are a bit big on him, but that's to be expected.
My hope is that he'll actually grow enough to fit into it this year.

And, because I had a very willing model who wanted to go stand by every tree, I have some more cute pictures to share!

Watching the neighbour's tractor and machinery go by.
Definitely a boy!
A huge thank-you to Bebe over at Canadian National Fabric for the great fabric!
Make sure to stop by there and have a look around--their prices and shipping are AMAZING!

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