Saturday, July 30, 2016

Caroline Dress V.1

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My youngest daughter was somewhat disgruntled about wearing pants when her older sister got to wear fun dresses that twirled and looked so girly. 
So, I took out Mouse House Creations' Caroline Party Dress and whipped up a couple of dresses for her. 
This is version 1. 

I adjusted the back to throw on some snaps so that I wouldn't have to fiddle with a zipper while trying to dress her. She is not one to sit still for long. I extended the placket by 1/2" and added interfacing to accommodate the snaps. 

A butterfly applique was added to the bodice to tie it in a little better and to add a fun feature. 

Butterfly fabric is from (years ago!) and the star fabric is from Connecting Threads (also quite a while ago--I can't find it there anymore but it was called 'Little Stars'.) 

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