Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Desert Island Sew

One pattern. All the fabric and notions you may need. 
What a question. 
But, I came up with one because it is so versatile!
Mouse House Creations' Caroline Party Dress! (affiliate link) 

Now, this dress is meant to have a zipper closure but I switched it to snaps so it'd be easier to dress little babies, as these were baby gifts. 
To do this, I added 1/2" to the center back on each piece, added interfacing for the snaps, and sewed the whole bodice shut. 
An easy modification and that is what I love about this pattern--it is so easy to adapt, to add all sorts of fun features without needing another pattern. 

I could sew a whole wardrobe for my girls with this dress. I have in fact sewn up a couple more, but those will come in a later post...

Sew 20 Desert Island Sew Tour
7/18/16 to 7/22/16
Use #desertislandsew on social media to play along!

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  7/21 Rebel & Malice | Sew Starly | The Berry Bunch | Sewing By Ti
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7/25 Sew 20 Tour Wrap-up


  1. It seems a pattern with a lot of versatility is very important when you only get one to choose. Your littles will have a good selection after your week away.

  2. It is definitely really fun to play with fabrics and little changes to really mix up a pattern. And of course there's also the Ladies Caroline for those that need a women's version!


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