Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Cats and a Layer Me Up

Awhile ago, I had made mention of some cat fabric, and I caved and bought enough for my plan to use it as a panel for the front of a shirt. 
First a little back story here: 
I like cats. 
And, when a cat has kittens here on the farm, I insist that they be placed in the boot room so that they can be made tame. 
I had like 5 batches of kittens in there at one time this past spring. 
So, I was lovingly dubbed 'Momma Cat' by my husband. 
This fabric fit right in, so now my husband can officially call me 'Momma Cat.' Ha! 

It's a great fitting pattern, and it has become a fast favourite here. 

The eggplant fabric I used previously here
The cat fabric is from Fawnette Fabrics

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