Sunday, August 25, 2013

Savanni Tunic

My youngest sister had a baby girl.
Of course, I *had* to sew for her.
I had sewn this pattern (Savanni Voile Tunic from Ottobre (and I can't remember the issue because I had borrowed it from a friend)) before for my daughter, when she was just sitting up.
At that time, I could NOT figure out how to sew up the sleeves. So, I had just pressed them in and topstitched the lining to the outer fabric.
After the fact I had found this site which explained it very well, so I got it done properly this time.
The fabric is from Walmart--just regular cotton, not voile.
The buttons are from when I did more scrapbooking/card-making as a teenager.
They matched perfectly.
And, I did a size 62--hopefully it still fits my niece--I still haven't been able to make it out to see her and give this...camping and sick kids have been keeping me from that. But, hopefully this week!
I hope my sister likes it.
And, again, I hope it fits....
This was one of my goals for August. The other one did not happen.
And, now I have a list of goals a mile long that *need* to happen. I'll post about those (and my lovely new fabric) later!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

August Goals

August is here.
Where, oh where did my summer go?!
The days are getting shorter again and cooler, and it feels like summer has hardly begun.
This month we'll be camping a couple of days (!) so I won't have quite as much time for sewing this month.
But, I have plans.
1) my youngest sister is expecting a baby--any day now, and that baby will *need* to have something sewn up for him/her
2) I have to retrace a pattern from Sew Serendipity for a tunic for myself (I had traced a medium a while back, but I think I shrunk a little...I need a small). I even have fabric picked out, and ready to go.
I'll keep it at that for this month.
I'm foreseeing a lot of canning and harvesting happening while we're home so that will take up a lot of time. I actually spent a couple of days this week and last making jam--saskatoon and raspberry. Mmmm.  
And, planning for the first 'official' year of homeschooling! I'm quite excited about that--I've already registered our oldest.
Anyway, I have no pictures to share right now, but hopefully later this month, I will!

Patterns, Patterns, Patterns....

I am often tempted to buy patterns.
There are such cute patterns out there.
Here are a couple of NEW patterns that are super cute:
Image of Lollipop LeggingsImage of Classic Oxford Button-UpImage of Classic Sweatshirt
All three are from Peek-a-Boo Pattern shop.
Today (Thursday) this one is on sale for $4 !
Image of Varsity Cowl Neck Pullover
And, some that are not necessarily new, but very cute as well:
These two are both from Shwin Designs
And, at Go-To Patterns, Andrea has a 7-pack of patterns for $45!
It includes:
A great deal!

Lastly, I think I'm going to have to go shopping at Straight Grain.
I love the European look, or should I say Belgian Style, of An's patterns!
Frances Suzanne is hosting a Flip this Pattern and An's pattern, Tinny, is selling for 15% off during the month of August! Use code FLIP at check-out!
Her new pattern is still being tested but shucks, that one looks super cute as well! It is the Hanami:
I'm not sure when this one will be available, but it is cute!!!
More Belgian patterns for boys are here, at Zonen 09!
Some of them are only in Dutch, but some are written in English as well.
And, some are available as downloads and paper patterns!
Anyway...that is a bit of a round-up of some nice patterns!