Saturday, July 30, 2016

Caroline Dress V.1

(This post contains affiliate links! Thank-you for using them and supporting my sewing addiction in this way!) 

My youngest daughter was somewhat disgruntled about wearing pants when her older sister got to wear fun dresses that twirled and looked so girly. 
So, I took out Mouse House Creations' Caroline Party Dress and whipped up a couple of dresses for her. 
This is version 1. 

I adjusted the back to throw on some snaps so that I wouldn't have to fiddle with a zipper while trying to dress her. She is not one to sit still for long. I extended the placket by 1/2" and added interfacing to accommodate the snaps. 

A butterfly applique was added to the bodice to tie it in a little better and to add a fun feature. 

Butterfly fabric is from (years ago!) and the star fabric is from Connecting Threads (also quite a while ago--I can't find it there anymore but it was called 'Little Stars'.) 

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Cats and a Layer Me Up

Awhile ago, I had made mention of some cat fabric, and I caved and bought enough for my plan to use it as a panel for the front of a shirt. 
First a little back story here: 
I like cats. 
And, when a cat has kittens here on the farm, I insist that they be placed in the boot room so that they can be made tame. 
I had like 5 batches of kittens in there at one time this past spring. 
So, I was lovingly dubbed 'Momma Cat' by my husband. 
This fabric fit right in, so now my husband can officially call me 'Momma Cat.' Ha! 

It's a great fitting pattern, and it has become a fast favourite here. 

The eggplant fabric I used previously here
The cat fabric is from Fawnette Fabrics

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Pattern Parade

Hop on over to the Swhetty Bettie's blog to see which pattern I have on parade! 
There's a huge discount on this pattern (45%) and there's a giveaway that includes every pattern that is on parade!!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Desert Island Sew

One pattern. All the fabric and notions you may need. 
What a question. 
But, I came up with one because it is so versatile!
Mouse House Creations' Caroline Party Dress! (affiliate link) 

Now, this dress is meant to have a zipper closure but I switched it to snaps so it'd be easier to dress little babies, as these were baby gifts. 
To do this, I added 1/2" to the center back on each piece, added interfacing for the snaps, and sewed the whole bodice shut. 
An easy modification and that is what I love about this pattern--it is so easy to adapt, to add all sorts of fun features without needing another pattern. 

I could sew a whole wardrobe for my girls with this dress. I have in fact sewn up a couple more, but those will come in a later post...

Sew 20 Desert Island Sew Tour
7/18/16 to 7/22/16
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