Friday, March 3, 2017

Rock 'n Romance--a Lap Quilt

 When the Rock 'n Romance line came out from Art Gallery Fabrics (designed by Pat Bravo) I absolutely loved it. 
I knew I wanted to buy the line. 
And, I knew I wanted to make something lasting out of it--a quilt. 
So a number of years ago, I ordered one colorway of the line and some coordinating prints to complement it from Hawthorne Threads. 

I ended up using the 4-Patch Slice Quilt Pattern.
The total size is about 47"x 58".

This is the first time I've made a quilt out of actual quilt blocks and not just randomly throwing things together. 

I ended up quilting it with free motion quilting. 
I'll admit I was super nervous to start quilting it. 
I've only done small quilts and this was to be my own lap quilt and I have a tendency of 'inspecting' things such as seams, quilting, and any stitching in almost anything.
I wanted perfection. 
But, it's not perfect and I think I'm okay with that as it's hard to tell unless you really inspect it. 

I used my favorite fabrics from the line for the backing. 
I just pieced them together--there's a pink 'border' on both sides of the grey. 

And, lastly a close-up of the binding and a bit of the quilting. 
(The lighting in this picture is pretty bad, so the colors are not as true on this picture.) 
The binding I attached by machine--I do not have the patience to do it by hand and I know it won't be done as tidily as when I do it by machine. 
It might not be the official or time-honored way of doing things but I love the quicker finish and the look of it as well (as long as you are very careful to stitch in the ditch on the front and just catch the binding in the back.) 

I'm already dreaming of doing another quilt, but we'll have to see when that happens!