Thursday, May 30, 2013

Two Sweet Little Dresses

After Annette from Leila and Ben offered to give her patterns to whoever wanted to sew one up for Pregnancy Care Centres, here, I took that opportunity to get a free copy of the Sweet Little Dress pattern. (Hurry this offer ends on the 31st of May--tomorrow!)
And, here are the results so far--two Sweet Little Dresses:
This one is made from some very cute fabric from the Fat Quarter Shop that they sent over our way!
The fabric is Sarah Jane's Children at Play in Summer Garden. It doesn't look like they have anymore left in this colorway but they do in pink!
The white fabric for the sleeves is from some repurposed pillow cases I had in my stash.
Isn't it sweet--the cute little girls and pretty flowers?!
Perfect for the Sweet Little Dress!
And, this fabric, I have no idea where it is originally from--I bought it when I first started sewing almost 3 years ago from a lady in town.

So, these are added to the Flickr group for Pregnancy Care Centre Sewing.
FABulous Home Sewn

Dress For Myself

A while ago, my husband had taken me fabric shopping at Fabricland so I could sew up some armor for the kids.
Of course, I did come home with more fabric than I had anticipated--I always do. Especially when it is in the clearance section...
I had bought 2.5 meters of this knit fabric in anticipation of sewing myself a dress. I finally got around to it two weeks ago.
I used an Ottobre pattern for the bodice. It's from Ottobre 2/2009--the Square Tunic. Very simple pattern to sew up--at least the bodice is.
On the original pattern, there is a flaring, drapey piece on both sides of the skirt part. I had not intended on using it and when I started reading the instructions out of curiousity, I was glad I didn't. Maybe if I had cut out those pieces, it would have made sense, but from the actual reading of the instructions, it just seemed too simple to make that look.
Anyway, I digress. Back to the plan for this dress.

As I said, I used the square necklined bodice and then just attached my own skirt--a simple tube to the bottom.
It felt a bit like a nightgown--it had not much shape to it. Maybe if I had added that clear elastic tape to the bodice bottom....
But, I ended up making two pleats in the back to gather it. After trying to gather it with elastic and seam ripping that, this seemed the quickest and easiest way to add a bit of 'shape.'
Of course, I added a tag of ribbon.
I think I've grown attached to the idea of adding tags--it adds a bit of a touch. Especially when it is pretty, silky ribbon. (I know, you can't see it when I wear it but I know it's there.)
So, that is my first dress for myself. It's super comfy and I think I want to make a tunic top out of the same fabric--wouldn't it be great over jeans?
If I have enough fabric left....

So...back to sewing some little dresses--some Sweet Little Dresses to be exact!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Some More Inspiration!

My list is growing of items I'd love to sew for the Pregnancy Care Centres!
Again, from Made-by-Rae, the Little Geranium. I was going to add this one last time, but I couldn't find it back--a friend kindly sent me the link! I already had it printed out from when Rae first posted it for free. It's a 0-3 month size exerpt from the actual Geranium Dress (which you can buy.) But, this one is free! Perfect for those little newborns.  
little geranium .
I've posted briefly about this one the other day because I had made two of them.
It is from Small Dream Factory and it is a free pattern for a Envelope Neck Long-Sleeved Tee.
It comes in sizes NB to 2T. It seems to be a European pattern--all the measurements are in centimetres but it is converted to inches for ease of use!

A free pattern that was made for charity sewing is the Good Deeds Dress from Elysium Dreams.

Read their blog post here as to why Carisa made this pattern! It comes in sizes 12m to 14!
And, from Fishstick Design, two patterns that are not free but that are super cute!
It comes in sizes NB to 12 months.
Which comes in sizes NB to 4T!
I love the layette--it is super cute and looks very comfy!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Some Pregnancy Care Centre Sewing

Here's my business the last two weeks.
I've been getting some sewing in and have a little something to show for it.
First off, an Itty Bitty Baby dress from Made-by-Rae.
The fabric was a gift from a friend over a year ago. I've used it in an outfit for my daughter--both on a pair of pants and a shirt. And, I still have a tiny bit left!
I have no idea where it comes from or what it is called but it is super cute!
I've added a size tag, sewn onto the back lining so the new moms will know when to pull it out.

Instead of piping, I used rick-rack. First time using it other than the hats I made for my boys during KCW.
I really like this pattern--it's quick and easy and it is cute. 

Next, I made (yes, you're right, you're seeing double) two sets of matching boys clothes.
The T-shirts are from Small Dream Factory. It is their free Envelope Neck Long Sleeve pattern which comes in sizes NB-2T.
The fabric is a combed cotton interlock in kelly green and in brown or chocolate (I cannot remember). I bought them when I first started sewing almost 3 years ago from
And, I have used it for a number of projects before, including two shirts last year for my older boys, and another shirt that was made before my blogging days.  

The pants pattern is again from Made-by-Rae--the Basic Newborn Pant.
Again, I put in tags with the size. I forgot for the shirts, but hopefully they'll stay together as a set, or I'll have to sew a little tag on them yet somehow.  

Fabric is some twill that I got from a 2nd-hand store a couple years ago. I managed to squeeze these two out of the left-over fabric. I had used the rest before for some other pants, but I don't think I have blogged about those--it was before my blogging days as well.

So, I've added these to the Flickr group.
 I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone else will be sewing up!
I have a little stack of patterns on my desk that I'll be working on next--one of them being the Sweet Dress from Leila and Ben.
Have you checked out their site and Etsy shop?
And, have you read my last post to learn how to get one of their patterns for free? 
FABulous Home Sewn

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Free Pattern from Leila and Ben

I'm quite excited to share this with you--you who are sewing along for the Pregnancy Care Centres!
Annette from Leila and Ben has offered to donate sewing patterns to those who would like to sew one of her patterns for Pregnancy Care Centres.
They have some super cute patterns!
Here are a couple of them--there's more on their website and in their Etsy shop.
The Sweet Little Dress which comes in three size ranges: in sizes 3-6 mos to 12 mos, 12 mos to 5T, and 6T to 10T.  
The Bolero Jacket Pattern which comes in sizes 12mos/2T to 5T/6T.
And, the Tie for your Little Guy! Which includes sizes 12 mos to 5T.
For those of you who crochet, there are also some neat crochet patterns that they have designed!
The Tanktop Crochet Pattern which comes in sizes 12mos/2T to 5T/6T.
And, the Child Capelet which can be made to fit sizes 12 mos to 5T.
Some super cute patterns and I'm excited to let you know that if you would like to sew or crochet one of their patterns for the Pregnancy Care Centres, you can email Annette at
Just mention that you plan to sew them for the Pregnancy Care Centres and she'll send you the pattern you'd like to sew up!
This offer expires on May 31, 2013 so be sure to get your patterns before then!
All the above images are from the Leila and Ben website.
FABulous Home Sewn

Saturday, May 11, 2013

A Winner!

Wow, it looks like we're off to a great start with around 40 people that are planning on sewing along!
I cannot wait to see what everyone will all sew up--I'd love to see the pictures in the flickr group.
Also, a warm welcome to all the new followers--I hope you'll enjoy reading this blog and seeing what I sew. If there is anything in particular you'd like to see, let me know and I will definitely consider!
And, the winner of the giveaway #23 who (after taking out those who were not commenting to win) is: Donna who said...
This is such a great idea, and something I've been wanting to do for a while. I think I will make some diaper bags, baby quilts, and bib sets to donate to the Crisis Pregnancy Center in my area.
Congratulations Donna! I've emailed you and if you are not able to get back to me in around 48 hours, I will have to pick a new winner.

Now, I ought to get back to sewing--have a Itty Bitty Baby Dress that I'm working on right now and have to make some shirts to go with the two Basic Newborn Pants that I've sewn up.

Feel free to grab a button to spread the word from the top right of my blog!
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Friday, May 10, 2013

Need Some Inspiration?

In an effort to get some fun inspiration together for all of us to sew if we're sewing baby clothes, I thought I'd do a couple of round-up posts of some great patterns out there--both free and to buy!

First of all, some free patterns:
And, by the same designer, there are some Baby Tights:
I have made versions of the Itty Bitty Baby Dress here, and the Basic Newborn Pant here--they are both quick to sew up and cute!
I actually just whipped up two pairs of Basic Newborn Pants yesterday--I'm still debating wether or not to add some hand embroidery...

And, some patterns to buy:
Image of Lucy Dress: 3 mos. - 8 yearsImage of Lazy Day Romper: 3 mos. - 24 mos.Image of Classic Polo: 3 mos. - 12 years
Click here to view more details  Click here to view more details Click here to view more details
FABulous Home Sewn

Are you sewing along?

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Polo Shirt for my Man!

Yep, that's my man!
I'm quite surprised he actually posed for me.
But, what he's modelling for me today is the Jalie Polo shirt I sewed up for him last week. I think I'll be sewing more of these--I really like how it turned out!
It has some great details like a back yoke, which if you look closely you can see--I surprised myself with how the lines matched up.

And, then the shoulder tabs add some good detailing.

I had actually asked him what details he wanted--wether he wanted two pockets or one, with button flap closure or none. Shoulder tabs or not.
I like how we think alike--this is what I would've done if it had been up to myself as well.

The main fabric is from Fabricland which we (as in my husband and I) spotted as we were getting the other fabrics cut. It was on sale, otherwise I would never have bought it at around $20/metre! And, my rather enabling husband was along--some encouragement from him as well. So, of course I had to sew something for him out of it--though I threatened him that I might keep it for myself--it is so thick and luxurious feeling.
(I know--why am I sewing something thick just before summer...would've been better to sew this up in the fall!)
The black ribbing that I used for the collar, placket, pocket, shoulder tabs, and sleeve bands are from the 2nd-hand store here in town.
For the collar, instead of regular interfacing, I found in an earlier project that Wonder Under works as a interfacing as well. My Decor-bond interfacing is a bit heavy for projects like this.
Have you checked out the giveaway and joined up to sew for Pregnancy Care Centres, here?
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Monday, May 6, 2013

Sewing for Pregnancy Care Centres--We Need You! And a Giveaway! *Closed*

**Giveaway Closed** 
This has been on my mind for quite some time now.
There are a lot of abortions that are done--so many I don't even dare to look up the statistics. In fact, if I am not mistaken those statistics are far from accurate in Canada--there are far more abortions performed than are reported.
My heart goes out to those women who find themselves pregnant unexpectedly. Either teenagers or women who have no means to support a child, etc.
And, I want to help--I really do. But, how do I go about helping these women, to in a small way encourage those who choose life for their child and also to encourage more women to do the same?
In Edmonton, just 40 minutes away, there is a Pregnancy Care Centre. This is a place that women who unexpectedly find themselves pregnant can go and get help--physical help, information, counselling, etc.
Is there a Pregnancy Care Centre in your area?
A couple of months ago, I emailed the local one here in Edmonton and this is what she told me when I asked how, as sewists can we help? What do they need? :
"Part of what we provide for our clients is a big baby hamper full of blankets and clothes. So it is really up to you what you would like to donate. We love recieving quilts, toques, clothes to add to our layettes and all our clients love them as well."
So, here is where we come in--here is where we can do a little something to show our support to those women who choose life for their children!
I propose that we sew quilts, baby clothes, etc and donate them either to your local Pregnancy Care Centre or, you can send them to me and I will bring them to the one here in Edmonton. (Just email me if you plan to send them out this way so I can give you my address!)

You can upload pictures of what you have sewn to our Flickr group!

Plus, grab a button to share and send others this way!

FABulous Home Sewn
<div align="center"><a href="" title="FABulous Home Sewn" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="FABulous Home Sewn" style="border:none;" /></a></div>
But, to kick this all off, we're going to have a giveaway to those who are sewing along!

These are from my stash.
I used some of each of these but there is still lots left! 
Leave a blog post comment letting me know what you plan on sewing up for either your local Pregnancy Care Centre or for the Edmonton Pregnancy Care Centre!
You must leave a way for us to contact you--either an email address in your comment or that you have an email address linked up to your profile, otherwise I cannot contact you if you win.
{Please only enter if you plan on sewing along! Thanks!}
Also, this giveaway is open to US/Canada only (sorry everyone else!)
This giveaway will end on the 10th and I'll use to pick the winner.

I do plan on having other giveaways during the next 2 months, so come back to check that out.

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