Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Pink Origami

I liked my previous Origami tunic so much, that I had to make another one!
It is again the Origami Tunic by Love Notions.  

Don't you love my photo bombing dogs?
I got the fabric from a destash site on Facebook just for this reason.
It's pretty sheer so it does need layering, but I really like the drape and feel of the fabric.

This pattern has definitely become a favourite!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Horses, Shirts, and Skirts

(This post contains affiliate links! Thanks for using them and supporting my sewing habit in this way!) 

Quite a while back now, I won a gift certificate to JoyFits.
The horse print was one of the fabrics I my kids chose. 
I bought a half meter of it, and was able to squeeze a whole shirt and the front panel of a second out of it. 

First up is a Greenstyle Creation's Easy Options T-shirt.
My daughter requested the cap sleeve option.
It's a very easy, quick pattern to sew. 
And it has a ton of options. 

I also made the skirt she is wearing.
It's a basic tiered skirt using her measurements and using fabric that my friend was destashing that screamed 'tiered skirt!' at me when I was looking through her destash. 

The next shirt is New Horizon's Suburban Basic Tee. 
It's also a quick sew, and I've used it quite often for my boys as well. 
The contrasting fabric is a regular cotton/lycra in charcoal. 

Now, the skirt. 
Well, I wanted to make something she could wear with the shirt.
And, I thought I could whip one up when I was tired, late at night. 
So, I picked a fabric (of which there was not enough for a skirt) and made a skirt out of it. 
It is more like a pencil skirt than an easy-to-run, play skirt as envisioned.
But, she loves it anyway, and keeps wanting to wear the whole outfit. 

Monday, August 8, 2016

Bella Sunshine Designs Sale!

(This post contains affiliate links. Thank-you for using them and helping support my sewing addiction habit)

Bella Sunshine Designs is having a Back to School sale this week. 
Every day two different patterns will be listed at $5 for 24 hours. 
Today, two patterns that I have sewn are up! 

First up is the Coffee Shop Lace Dress. 
This dress is super cute--I love the lace detail.
It goes from size 12 months to size 12 girls. 

More details of these dresses can be found here.

Next up is the Gabriella's Winter Coat
The shape of this coat is adorable. 
It's not a straight a-line pea coat. 
It has flare. 
It has twirl. 
It has style. 
It goes from sizes 6 months to size 12 girls, so a huge size range. 

More details of the dress can be found here

Make sure you pick these two patterns up today if you don't have them already! 

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Aztec Hudson Pants

It is a rare thing that I do custom sewing. Especially custom clothes. 
But, when my sister-in-law requested these pants, I figured, 'Why not? It'll be a fun challenge!'
First of all, kudos to those who do custom clothes all  the time. I don't think I could. 
I had nightmares that the fabric I ordered wasn't enough--that I wouldn't be able to match stripes. 
The next morning, I laid out the pattern pieces on the fabric to make sure. Whew! 

I used the Hudson Pants by True Bias. 
The fabric is a Ponte De Roma from Girl Charlee.  (Emerald Green Red Ethnic Diamond Rows Ponte De Roma) 

I'm quite pleased with how the pattern went together. 
I did have to add about 5" to the length at the lengthen/shorten line which was an easy adjustment. 
I was a little worried about the waistband--adding the drawstring with button holes. Only because I was afraid to mess up a custom order and I wanted it to be perfect. 
Now, I just need to make myself a pair of Hudsons. 

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Suburban Tees in Fox and Tiger

This was a fun project! 

I had won a gift certificate to LanaLotta  and my boys helped me pick out some fun iron on vinyl appliques. 

When the appliques arrived in the mail, the boys picked the fabric they wanted for their shirts. 
They also picked where that fabric would go on the shirt. 
I think they fed off each other a little here. Ha! 
Both the red and the orange are not ideal for the neck band. 
The orange I had to cut a longer neckband because of lack of stretch. 
The red doesn't have super recovery. 
But, they are happy with their shirts, and I'm happy that they are happy. 
It can't last too long--them being thrilled with getting to wear 'mom-made' clothes. 

I used the Suburban Basic Tee pattern from New Horizons Designs (previously Terra's Treasures).
The black fabric is from Black Rabbit Fabric and the orange and red fabrics are old fabrics from that were added to my stash years ago. 
The iron on transfers are from LanaLotta.