Thursday, May 19, 2016

Layer Me Up and a Tiered Skirt

It's mid May and I finally finished my Sunday spring/summer outfit. 

 First, the skirt was sewn with a chambray from 
It is a self-drafted skirt, perfect for warm summer days! 

The top is the Layer Me Up from Patterns for Pirates(affiliate link)
I was a little worried that the front would be too low, and that I'd be showing off more than I wanted to when I'd bend over, but it doesn't gape at all, so I'm quite happy with the fit. 
You do need to size up if you are going for a not-too-snug look. I'm on the lower end of this size and I wouldn't want it any tighter.
(I used 3/8" seam allowance for the sides instead of the 1/2" as well.)

It is sewn with a super soft, cotton lycra from Fawnette Fabrics.
The fabric is available for pre-order right now until the 24th of May, in their Facebook group.
(On a side note, you NEED to check out the cat head fabric that she has for pre-order as well! If I could justify buying a yard of the grey or purple, I would!)