Friday, October 25, 2013

October Finishes

Well, the PJs got knocked off my list this month.
I have drawn up plans for my daughter's Tinny, and fabric picked out for that as well.
The boys' button-up shirts....well....they still have not come to fruition.
And, I have no time to sew the rest of this month....we are going on a trip to Cuba again a bit later, and I have to pack and plan for that!
So, the PJs and the bibs for an order, but I forgot to take pictures of the bibs....
Hopefully November goals will be done a bit better!

Go-To Leggings

Andrea, from Go-To Patterns and The Train to Crazy, is having a blog tour on her blog and I'm joining in!
I have really enjoyed sewing up a number of her patterns and have a number to still sew up one of these days.  
Last Spring I had whipped up an Anywhere Dress (details here) from Go-To Patterns.
It still fits my daughter, so to make it a little more fall friendly, I thought I'd whip up some Go-To Leggings.
I had bought the pattern a while back already with the intent to sew these up--the blog tour was just the motivation I needed.
 (I had actually covered up my sewing machine already in preparation for our trip to Cuba, but pulled it out to whip these up!)
The first word out of my daughter's mouth when she put them on was, 'Comfy!'
That means success!

And, they do look comfy--I want to whip myself up a bunch of leggings now.
They're so easy to sew up, and fast--I can see myself making them assembly line style.

They add a whole new level of modesty--no more undies peaking out!

The fabric is from It is a rib knit--so soft!
(I used the same on the Anywhere Dress but you can tell that it has been worn and washed a lot! The color is slightly different now...)
The leggings are sewn in size 3T.
Both patterns are great patterns--easy to sew up, and perfect for your first knit project!

'Fluffy' had to get in on the pictures :)
 Thanks Andrea, for having me on your tour, and for some really neat patterns!
 Click on the picture to visit Andrea's shop!
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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Manly Cloth Napkin

I was recently asked to make a man bib.
I was picturing a man wearing a much enlarged baby bib and it just did not make for a pretty picture.

Img from Sweetie Pie Bakery
 I made the actual napkin a little bigger since it was to be for a man, and I zig-zagged the tie onto the napkin to make a cleaner finish.
Now, I just wish my photography skills would improve...sigh...

The black (yes it is black, not grey) fabric is broadcloth left over from my sons' capes.
The red flannelette was also from my stash...I was surprised how many reds I actually have--not tons since I don't often use red, but enough to have some selection.  

But, this should work, and my customer seemed happy with it when she picked it up.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

PJs x 8 and Some Squishy Mail

Finally, I am done these.
My kids have been sleeping in stained (almost) rags.
So, two pairs of PJs for each of my four kids.
The actual sewing of them was quick--it's always the pressing and hemming that takes forever for me.
The flannel I got for free from a friend. Yards of each. It doesn't look like I've made a dent in it yet.
I could have sewed up some shirts for them too, but I wanted a quick PJ fix.
So, the shirts are from Walmart. I had to dig for these. Like, really dig.
The green set has onesies in 24 months.
The kids had picked out which fabric they wanted for their PJs as soon as I got it.
It's been laying by my desk for months. Seriously.

I used the Sewing for Boys pattern again (the sweats length) but I adjusted them quite a bit.
The oldest's are size 2/3 width but size 6/7 length. The next, I believe were also size 2/3 width but size 4/5 length. My daughter's I folded in the pattern to take it in, and the length is also 4/5. The youngest's I majorly took it in and guestimated where I should put the length. The two younger ones have a good sized hem. The older two have much smaller hems. Next time, I'll have to lengthen my oldest's.

But, the kids love them. And, they'll be nice and warm this winter. And, decently dressed for the nights out!
Yesterday, I got some lovely mail.
Mara from Secretly Stitching was so kind as to send me one of her many pouches she has made in the last while. I have been admiring her pouches, and she totally surprised me when she emailed me to send one to me!

That's some Greek chocolate she sent along! good. I ate half of it before I got home from town, and the other half I ate today while I was sewing.
But, that was not all she sent!
Mara sent over a bunch of pairs of socks for the Pregnancy Care Centre!

They are so cute, and so is the packaging--I love that little girl!
Thanks so much, Mara!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Last Chance!

Have you bought your Sew-Fab pattern bundle yet?!
Today is the last full day--it ends tomorrow morning, bright and early!
You can buy the bundle here:

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October Goals

As the cold starts to creep into the air,
The frost is an almost daily occurrence,
It's time to think of Fall clothes.
I'm going to miss Summer.
But, I have plans. Lots of them. Probably too many.
First of all, I have an order that I need to fill this week--some baby boy bibs!
And, then there are the button-up shirts for my boys.
I 'think' that I'll do that next.
Unless I decide that my daughter really does need a Tinny, or an up-cycled dress (a lovely charcoal button up shirt I found at the thrift shop!)
I think though, that first of all I *need* to sew them all up some PJs.
Like, I really need to.
Especially since my kids are all going to be spending a week at Grandma's and a friend's place later this month.
So, that is top priority after the order is finished.
Oh, if you're looking for the giveaway(!) and the awesome pattern bundle, have a look here!
Or, you can just buy it here: